Two Pack Purple Gloves

Two Pack Purple Gloves

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1 Unisex Black fitted nylon 3 finger glove with PU coated finger tips.Protects the fingers and hand while performing a Sew-In-Weave  Insta-Lock  Extension and Crochet Service.

Bonus: Heat Resistant when using Curling Irons,Flat Irons and Wand Curling Irons.

1.Stops needle from poking the fingers.
2. Needle Pushes threw thick weft with ease
3.Can be used when performing a Sew-in-weave, Insta- Lock Extension,Crochet and Flat Irons
4.Grips the needle. Stops slippery needles from slipping out of your hand.
5.Improves speed when performing a sew-in-weave , Insta- Lock Extension,Crochet and Flat Irons
6.Protects Fingers from thread, weft burns and curling iron burns.
7.protect hand & finger from soreness and swelling.
8.Machine washable, Tumble Dry low heat.

Do a sew-In-Weave, Insta- Lock Extension and Crochet faster with confidence of no more painful sore, irritating fingers.