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Sew-in Glove is a unisex protective glove created by a hairstylist for all hairstylist.
Sew-in Glove is design to fit with a natural fitted lite weight feel, without bulkiness.
Protects the fingers from the needle poking.
Stops the burning and irritation from the thread and weave weft.
Sew-in-Glove is great when pushing the needle threw thick weave weft.
The grippers on the finger tips grips slippery needles without the needle dropping and slipping from the oily, greasy scalps.
No more Sore Fingers.

Unisex Black fitted nylon 3 finger glove with PU coated finger tips. Protects the fingers and hand while performing a Sew-In Weave Service.

Bonus: Heat Resistant when using Curling Irons,Flat Irons and Wand Curling Irons.


1.Stops needle from poking the fingers.

2.Pushes thru the weft with easy.( No going under or over the weft)

3.No burning of the fingers and hand from the weft.

4. No Burning of the fingers and hand from the Thread.Comfortable Fit

5.Improves speed when performing a sew-in-weave service.

6.Protects Fingers from thread, weft burns and curling iron burns.

7.protect hand & finger from soreness and swelling.

8.Machine washable

9.Tumble Dry low heat.

Do a sew-In-Weave faster with confidence of no more painful ,sore, irritating fingers. 1 glove per package 

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