Include: 1 Weaveglove,1Needle and 1Roll of Thread. Weave glove is a 3 finger protective glove designed to protect the stylist fingers from the needle poking the fingers and help push and pull the needle thru thick weave wefts. grips the needle to stop slipping needles do to oily/greasy or sweaty hands. The weave is also a heat resistance glove to stop the flat irons from burning the fingers.

One sew-in-glove, one needle and one tread : Price $9.99


Unisex fitted nylon 3 finger glove with PU coated finger tips.Protects the fingers and hand while performing a Sew-In-Weave,Insta Lock Extension and Crochet Services.

Bonus: Heat Resistant no burning when using Curling Irons,Flat Irons and Wand Curling Irons.

1.Stops needle from poking the fingers.
2.Can be used when performing a Sew-in weave,Insta- Lock Extension,Crochet and flat irons services.
3.Needle pushes threw thick weft with ease.
4.Grips the needle. Stops slippery needles from slipping out of your hand.
5.Comfortable fitted glove.Improves speed.
6.Protect hand & finger from soreness and swelling.
7.Machine washable
8.Tumble Dry low heat.

Do sew-In-Weaves, Insta-Locks Extension and Crochet faster with confidence and no more painful ,sore, irritating fingers

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